Raising a special needs child certainly comes with challenges, but there are also huge rewards in the smallest acts. This morning E jumped. She jumped and both feet came off the floor at the same time. It was an amazing moment worth celebrating. For most parents of a 3.5 yo, jumping isn’t a huge accomplishment. For me, it means E just conquered another goal on our long list. She is that much closer to her neurotypical peers. 

Earlier this week, E was evaluated for an augmentative communication device (aug comm device). During the evaluation, E picked up on how to use various devices quickly and with enthusiasm. High tech aug comm will open up her world so much. She will be able to express her wants and needs to anyone, not limited by the number of words she can utter or the listener’s understanding of those words. This is huge!

Watch out world, you’re about to become better acquainted with the awesomeness that is E.