A and E love to dress up, play with stuffed animals, and do all sorts of “girly” things. But they aren’t limited to specific toy aisles or tv shows. 

One of E’s favorite movies is The Little Mermaid, and another is any of the Starwars films. She loves riding horses, chasing chickens, and petting goats. Watching blood draws or shots facinate her. She’s likely to grow up to be a surgeon if her interest in Grey’s Anatomy is any indication. 

A is well on her way to being a fantastically opinionated and strong female. One day she will probably rule the world. She and her sister are natural problem solvers and do it yourselfers. They are also remarkable climbers. I’m pretty sure they’re part monkey–they get that from my husband. 

They may dress in princess gowns and dance around singing “Let it Go”, but they are so much more than what society says they’re allowed to be. The mermaid princess-Jedi and the supreme overlord of Green Bean confirm that every day.