Wrap Review: Kokoskaa Royal Quill Jade
Size 6

Blend: Cotton/Tencel
My wrappees are E (3.5, 35lbs) and A (1.5, 22lb-ish). The wrap came new in loomstate. It was used in various carries and for different lengths of time. Carries include but are not limited to front wrap cross carry, double hammock, ruck (various finishes), and ellevill’s Jordan’s back carry. This is the second cotton/tencel Royal quill weave by Kokoskaa, differing in warp and weft coloring. After a wash, the texture comes alive and the threads shimmer. The black warp and teal/ice blue/light green/almost grey chameleon weft are a lovely contrasting combination. 
Tencel Royal quill is one of the thinner wraps released by Kokoskaa. The texture of the RQ weave combined with the sleekness of tencel results in a mildly grippy wrap that doesn’t take too much effort to get into multilayered carries. I thoroughly enjoyed the support in a double hammock and an ellevill Jordan’s back carry with both children. I do find its best to pleat or fold any ruck straps as bunching led to discomfort during longer wearing periods. I prefer RQ Jade in multilayered carries, however, single layered carries with spread shoulder passes were also a good choice. I am a lazy ruck strap shaper so this is not my first choice in ruck wraps. 
With summer coming, a wrap that is thin yet textured for lock in place multilayered carries is exactly what I’ll need. My thicker wrap choices for rucking will probably overwhelm my heat box children. Tencel RQ is definitely a great option for the heat. 

Photo by Michelle Lynn Birth Photography