Cotton/tencel blend 

This wrap is close in wrapping qualities to it’s all cotton sister, but it shines in new ways. The first thing that comes to mind is bounce for days. It is of medium thickness yet light feeling in hand. Memory foam like on the shoulders, it molds easily into chest passes. Soft and floppy, tencel Secese would be great with a squish and effortlessly supports a larger child. The comfort continued throughout lengthy outings with the younger child and hoppy, bouncing neighborhood walks with the older one. Kokoskaa’s tencel blend is a must try. Combined with the Secese weave, it’s a classic, any occasion and any age wrap. 

I wear a 35lb 3.5 YO and a 23 lb 1.5 YO. We tried a variety of carries with each including a fwcc, DH, ruck, ruck TT, and ellevill JBC.