Anyone who’s involved in the Facebook babywearing community has seen the question, “which toddler carrier should I get?” So I decided to get come comparison shots with E. She was about 3yo and 32 lbs when these were taken. I tend to forget to measure her height, but she’s average for her age. 

First and foremost, buckle carriers fit everyone differently. Like jeans, you may be the same number size as your friend but that doesn’t mean the same pair will fit each of you just right. Any buckle carrier could work well enough. But the best fit isn’t standard across the board for all size 12 pants wearers. I always promote trying different brands on if you can before purchasing. Okay, disclaimer is out of the way. Now onto the carriers. 

Each of these carriers are modeled on myself (sz 10) with my 3yo (4T). I personally prefer the fit of the preschool kinder pack best. But all are great options at a variety of price points and ease of availability. The shortest panel was the lillebaby carry on. It also wasn’t a fantastic fit on my 5’2″ frame as the straps didn’t cinch down enough. The lenny lamb was the most varied in structure and proved quite comfortable, although smaller on my near preschooler.  The Tula and lillebaby were the widest panels without height. The toddler beco is a good alternative to a more difficult to buy (currently) kinder pack. 

Hope this helps!