E doesn’t need to be cured, she needs acceptance.

 Friday kicks off Autism Acceptance Month, generally referred to as Autism Awareness Month. April 2nd is designated as Autism Acceptance day. Acceptance not Awareness because the community needs acceptance from the neurotypical and not awareness as if being on the spectrum is a disease to be cured. In celebration of this day, consider participating in Walk in Red (now referred to as #redinstead) as an ally. 

Walk in Red is the #actuallyautistic driven alternative to Light it up Blue. #LIUB is a highly publicized even created by Autism Speaks, an organization controlled by neurotypical people who refuse any input from autistic persons. They are widely considered a hate group within the autistic community. Because of this, the #LIUB event is viewed negatively. If you want to show support this Saturday, and all through April, #walkinred or #lightitupred instead. (Edit: now use #redinstead)

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