Today I started the three part process to officially determine whether I am on the autism spectrum or if I just have autistic tendencies that cumulated into something more in my offspring. 

There is much support for the idea that autism has genetic origins. I never really thought about defining my quirky behaviors much before starting this journey with E. I was voicing my obstacles to my friend, the same friend who always points out E’s progress. And she asked me if I ever considered the fact that I might be autistic as well. That was a lightbulb moment. That question sent a new line of thought in motion. It made so much sense. Then again, I don’t struggle too terribly. I’ve adapted and can copy societal behavioral expectations. It’s probably nothing. So I put off delving further down this road for months. 

The more I read, the more I considered my friend’s question. It would definitely make sense if I am on the spectrum. Enough procrastinating. I am going to find out definitively what the answer is. So today I met with a psychologist. It will be another month until the too many hours long assessment. I considered waiting to mention it after I found out the results, if the results were positive. But I feel that isn’t really in the spirit of autism acceptance, to hide this journey. 

Hello, I am Jade and I might be autistic.