A friend was traveling this Joy and Joe ring sling around locally for testing ages ago. I am finally remembering to write the review I promised.
I’m not big on feathers, so it was quite surprising how impressive the pattern was in person. The weave is dimensional rather than flat. This gives the wrap a defined texture. You can feel where each feather starts by just touch. For me, texture is a must in a good ring sling. It prevents slippage through the rings when A is less than compliant. It’s a looser weave that could possibly be prone to pulls. But the airy weave is backed by a medium thickness, providing plenty of support and softness. I only tried this ring sling with A when she was about 14 months and 20 lbs. E was in an anti-uppies kick. It was very comfortable with A. The thickness results in a padded-like shoulder. This along with the weave results in a comfortable and supportive ring sling that is still breathable. This would be a great option for the new baby to two year old range. 

Side note: the packaging is lovely.