A has been becoming progressively more independent. She’s a very capable 18 month old. A also watches her strong willed and adventurous sister. The pair sure know how to test limits. 

Last night, A decided I didn’t get dinner to the table fast enough so she grabbed her bowl off the stovetop. The stew was freshly done so I planned to let it cool before moving dinner to the table. A failed to get the bowl down upright and covered herself on scolding stew. Poor girl burned her chest and her hand. It was not a good night. 

After hours of waiting and bouncing around hospital staff, we are finally home with a clean dressing, pain medication, and directions for a follow up. A did wonderfully. A good friend also came out to wait with me. It’s a good thing she did because she helped ask questioned and made sure we got everything done that I needed to. She’s really amazing. 

Visiting the Emergency Department is something I had yet to do at 3y and 7m into parenting. It was an overwhelming occurance. I’m honestly surprised I’ve made it so long without a visit considering how adventurous both girls are. It was an exhausting experience, especially with the long waits. But we managed and got through it. Hopefully the rest of A’s recovery goes okay. Burns are quite the uncomfortable thing.