This wrap has lived here since winter 2014 and is still a favorite of the household. The daydream pattern is a sunflower, as that is frequently asked about.  

100% Cotton

Size: 4, 3.98 m

Prewash: 288 gsm

Post wash 315 gsm

prewash, post wash, post iron

At the thicker end of the weight spectrum, you’d expect it to be beastly in hand. Oddly, it feels rather medium. The pattern gives good texture and grip while still being smooth so pulls aren’t a major concern. Passes don’t glide like a knife through butter, but it doesn’t require too much effort. 

I primarily wrap a 2.5 month old who is easy to wrap. We did a FTFR, FWCC Tub, and Kangaroo on various occasions. After some breaking in, it’s easy to get the passes tight and the grip keeps them that way. There is a good amount of stretch. Not as much as the hemp blend nexus or fully broken in Royal quill, but much more than the cotton nexus. The stretch reminds me of Pavo Granite zebra although it’s been awhile since that’s been here. Overall, it kept baby put and lends itself to a close carry. 

I also carried my 30 lb wiggly toddler on two occasions. Once on a 3 mile hike using a knotless DRS2S and once on a 45 min shopping trip in a simple ruck. During the hiking trip, the first wrap job was sloppy and loose. I rewrapped after 20 mins. But in that time the toddler was well supported. It was my first major active outing at 2.5 m postpartum so I certainly noticed her. Especially since it was a carry where all weight is on the shoulders. Also this carry tends to dig where the knots are on the chest with thicker wraps. So this wasn’t a favorite carry with this wrap. After I rewrapped, the carry was definitely more comfortable. It also withstood a 10 min tantrum on my back. The texture of the wrap was a definite win with the wiggly toddler. On the shopping trip we put the wrap to the test with a ruck. It was very supportive and nice on the shoulders. It was 30 mins before I felt any discomfort. After the toddler quit bouncing around and settled back in, the discomfort went away. It wasn’t the tightest of rucks as E loves to be arms out and lean back. Yet the carry was perfectly comfortable. And I could even forget about the 30 lb on my back for awhile. I usually only get that with beastly thick wraps like pavo Etini or Bebe Sachi khadi. Overall, it was excellent with the toddler. Easy enough to wrap with and comfortable in a quick ruck which is exactly what I need with my always busy toddler. 

I am quite impressed with this wrap. It’s comfortable, nicely textured, and offers a good amount of stretch. It can support a 30 lb toddler with ease in a single layered carry without causing discomfort. Knots at the chest may cause discomfort due to the thickness so it may be better to avoid those carries. 

Best of all is the looks. The darker warp makes it an easy wrap to drag around in the woods or parking lot. The contrasting red weft is just striking. Yep, appearances wise, it was love at first “oh!”


Heavy weight but medium thickness, textured but smooth weave, solid, grip, supportive, good stretch, rocks a ruck with a toddler. Great for all age ranges, suggested for intermediate and up wrappers. And rather gorgeous.