Publishing past reviews. This was completed around Christmas 2014:

The past couple of weeks I got to try out a Toto wrap, a brand Marsupial Mamas recently started carrying. I primarily wrap a 12 lb, 2 month old, but my 27 lb, 2 year old also enjoys going up. We used this wrap in a FWCC, FCC, FDH, Kangaroo, Ruck, and DH. 
As for wrapping qualities, passes glide easily. It is on the thinner side of medium-thin, light weave that isn’t dense nor too loose and very smooth without being slick. It’s the kind of wrap you can beat up without concern, easy to wash and capable of being casually tossed around. It softens up quickly with wear. 

With the newborn the wrap was solid, supportive, and easy on the shoulders. Wrapping was an ease with the smooth gliding. The rails would dig a bit in a ruck after an hour or two, folding the ruck straps would help with that. 

The toddler also went up a few times. It was surprisingly more supportive than expected. In a FWCC she stayed put. In a DH, she was supported well and the chest pass helped displace any pressure points on the shoulders. It is very easy to get a tight, spread chest pass with this wrap. In a ruck, it got a bit diggy but that was helped with folding the straps over gathering. That said, I wouldn’t suggest it as a long trip ruck wrap as she would start to sag a small amount (not a worrisome amount just enough to be uncomfortable). However, this wrap would be best in longer sizes with that age so rucking probably won’t be the top choice for long term carries anyway. 

 This is a great budget option. It makes a sturdy beater and can be used from newborns to older children, especially if the wrap is longer. I wouldn’t suggest single layered carries with heavier babies. Overall I was quite impressed. 


Passes glide, smooth texture, medium-thin, supportive, can be diggy when shoulder passes are bunched, easy to wrap with, budget friendly, quality beater. 

Wrap sold via Marsupial Mamas