From quite awhile ago. Summer nights now lives here permanently. It’s broken in wonderfully. 

Size 6, 100% Cotton

I’ve been using this carrier exclusively for 2 weeks now. That’s a rarity around here. Yet somehow I never got bored of this pretty. It glows in the sunlight and the colors are neutral enough that it goes well with most of my wardrobe while still standing out. 

Little sister to the original daydream pattern, the wrapping qualities are similar yet still different. The grip is still a prominent feature. It’s not difficult to wrap with yet it will lock in place once set. There is just enough stretch to get a neat chest pass. It is a dense, tight weave, but the smaller daydream cotton blend feels thinner in hand than the larger one. There is no need to baby this wrap. It offers solid support and did not dig even when tandeming 50 lbs of child in a Ruck Tied Tibetan. A torso carry with a 20 lb 8 m old stayed locked in place throughout a park excursion. No matter which carry I tried with this wrap, from a FWCC to a simple ruck and plenty in between, I was always comfortable and pleased. 

This is really a perfect summer wrap. It can take you to the park or beach without needing to treat it delicately. It can handle the 30lb toddler and the bowling ball baby with ease. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did. 

TL;DR – grip, dense, thin in hand, good beater, rock solid, no dig, locks in place without being difficult to tighten.