100% Cotton

3 yo (35 lbs) and an 18 m old (21lb)

Carries tried:FWCC, Ruck, Ruck TT, DH, Ring Sling

Hope has been staying here in different forms for a few weeks now. I’ve used it with both children on various occasions, the longest being a 2+ hr shop run with the little in a DH. Hope is fantastic in single or multilayers. It is thinner and glides with ease making multi layered carries beginner friendly. It also still offers the support of the first budget grad release, Brave, without the bulk. This translates well to a ring sling, supportive yet light and easy to adjust through the rings. Its a flat textured standard cotton (neither soapy or dry) that lays on the shoulders without digging. The width is enough with a preschooler without being overwhelming with the baby. It breaks in quickly.

The most defining adjective for this wrap is “easy”, easy to wrap with, easy care, easy to learn with since there are different colored rails, and easy to depend on for various situations.

TLDR: Glide, flat, beginner friendly, thinner, no dig, solid, softens quickly.

This is not for you if you want a cushy, bounce, thick, or textured wrap.