100% cotton

Red, White, and Blue

276 GSM post wash and wear
This tester is the first wrap from Kokoskaa’s newest budget line. All wraps in this line are priced under $100. What is great about this wrap is it provides excellent quality for an economically considerate price.

As for the wrap, I tested a size 7 with my 20 lb 11 month old and my 32 lb 3 year old using standard carries such as a FWCC, Ruck, and a DH.

The first thing to jump out at me is how smooth in hand the wrap feels. When wrapping, that translates to great glide. Yet there is also enough grip that you need not worry about it being slippery. Once in place, Brave is quite solid and supportive.

It’s a flatter weave so isn’t cushy. But it is also a thicker medium wrap and doesn’t wrap flat either. I know, I make perfect sense. It doesn’t seem pull prone and fixing any pulls would be a breeze. That’s a must for me with a beater wrap, which Brave would serve perfectly as.

It comes stiff in the bag and will take some work breaking in. After a couple weeks of mild wear, Brave is already starting to reveal its soft potential. Once softened, and with its easy to wrap with-ness, this wrap will be great with even the small babies.

This wrap is a great option for anyone looking for a one and done wrap or an inexpensive beater/loaner. It will provide excellent support through toddlerhood and not only withstand, but benefit from frequent wear. It’s an easy to care for blend that you can drag through the dirt then throw in the wash without a second thought. Overall, it’s a great investment and more than worth the cost.
TL;DR: strong, smooth, glides, touch of grip, great beater, great for toddlers, needs some breaking in, great price point, classic looks