Time is ever moving. It doesn’t stop when you or I decide to take a break. It’s great that life is always moving forward and that each moment is fleeting I’m sure. But it sure can become overwhelmingly exhausting to catch up when you take a moment to rest.

One household activity I continue to fail miserably at is laundry. It’s endless. By time it’s all washed I just don’t feel up to folding anything, so it piles up into clean unfolded mountains contained by laundry baskets. I’m pretty sure no clothing actually lives in the girls’ dresser. When I finally wrangle the clothes into their proper storage spaces I’ve no desire to do it again the next day, restarting the cycle. Lately, everything on my to do lists feels like a gargantuan pile of unfolded laundry.

I just wrote down all the things I’ve been procrastinating on for my baby wearing chapter. It is a daunting list. Half the time I feel like I’m failing miserably at being a good leader and volunteer along with failing as a homemaker. But I’m not. You’re not failing either.

It’s perfectly okay to not have everything done right this minute. It’s healthy to accept your limits. We can’t do everything alone. It’s admirable to ask for help and delegate. Life isn’t meant to be managed alone. Support systems are the backbone of every capable person.

So take a breath, grab a drink, and enjoy these fleeting moments. The laundry will still be there tomorrow.