Royal Quill Maple was among the first tencel blend royal quills released by Kokoskaa. It predates royal quill Jade. This review is from summer 2015.

Blend: 55% Cotton, 45% Tencel

This past week I’ve had this pretty tester hanging around. This is a new budget blend from Kokoskaa. I’m very happy with the way this blend wraps so far.

I’m wrapping a 4 month 15lber and a 2.5 yr old 30 lber. And I used a fwcc, ruck, tandem ruck, and a double hammock.

This wrap rocks in a FWCC. It is also very supportive in a ruck and easy to wrap in a DH. The passes slide smoothly into place. You would think think the pattern would add a ton of texture and grip but it is actually quite subtle. It’s supportive and comfortable on the shoulders. There is some stretch which helps to get a tight wrap job without adjusting for days. Once baby is wrapped, she stays in place without sagging.

By feel and looks, you can tell its a different fiber blend. The tencel has a kind of cool matte sheen, if that makes any sense. Overall it seems like a solid budget option. You’ll get the looks and great wrapping qualities in a light mid-weight wrap.

This will be a great option for those getting into wearing as it’s easy to wrap with. It provides strength and comfort while still being soft to touch. I also think it will be a good breathable summer time option.
TL;DR smooth glide, supportive, solid, some stretch, easy to wrap with.