One of the most amazing things about E using an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device is how much her personality has grown since she could express herself without limitation. Most people don’t put much thought into how they communicate with others. For me, I was the same. I never thought about how difficult it is to navigate social situation if you don’t have verbal words to interact with others. E has shown me a new way of living and taught me a new depth of empathy for others differences. Before her it was something I heard about but never encountered so never gave it much consideration.
Back on point, AAC fostered an explosion in E’s communication skills. She can now greet friends by name that are listed in her device and confidently say hi to those who aren’t. She can request each item she wants for breakfast, show sympathy, read along with books, and express her emotions in an understandable way. As a bonus, her verbal skills continue to go exponentially as she repeats after her device with each selection. Proloquo2go has been an absolute game changer.

One of my favorite changes I’ve seen since implementing AAC is the growth of E’s individuality. One thing she adores is putting on makeup. Lipstick makes her ecstatic. This morning I came into the room to her pressing the “lips” icon on her device. She then led me by the hand to point out my makeup case and back to the iPad to say “lips” again.

Makeup in hand, E proceeded to prepare her face for the day, complimenting her twirly dress and hair clips she also picked out. (And loves to pick out the same dress and clips each day.) It is amazing to watch her personality grow every day. I’m excited to see how she continues and which directions she’ll take.