Casey gave me an iPad Pro for Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s not really an appropriate gift. We more used the holiday to justify the new toy. I’ve been following the iPad Pro since its first introduction. I’ve always loved a stylus tablet combo, but 3rd party stylus always felt bulky and didn’t allow for much in the way of detail. The Apple Pencil is a game changer. It’s completely optimized for the iPad so the pair works seamlessly. Honestly it makes my handwriting look neater than pen and paper. Basically it’s magic.

Moving on from the sales pitch, I love to doodle. On paper it usually ends up as messy blobs as erasing continually wears at the paper, I can’t draw a straight line without a straight edge, and well the sound of traditional pencils on paper creeps me out. The iPad solves all those problems and leaves me with crystal clear  drawings and allow for plenty of detail. I’ve also used a stylus/computer combo. This also made things nicer but lacked the familiarity of drawing directly down onto the work space. This lead to awkward transitions and a not quite as authentic experience. But the Wacom tablet did introduce me to the possibilities in computer drawings.

I have found a new passion, and I’m pretty good at it in my opinion. It is so amazing to see my imagination come to life how I pictured it and to not be disappointed at my lack of artistic aptitude. Now excuse me as I go draw more coloring pages and portraits.

Image of two sketches by Jade. The left print is of two stuffed dogs. The parent dog is wearing a baby bear while reading to the toddler stuffed dog. It is a coloring page. The right printout is a family portrait drawn from behind of the four Penney family members.
Print outs of digital sketches by Jade