In our household, we’re all about allowing self expression. The girls can decide on their own look for the day if they choose. For the most part, they’ve been without an opinion. Unless you count A’s attempts to wear every article of clothing in the house every day.

Typically, E would only care that she had a jacket, hat, and shoes. Otherwise whatever I grabbed that day was fine. Lately she’s all about picking out her own clothes. The one continual theme is dresses and hair accessories. Mostly she just wants to be a princess all day, every day. This is probably my favorite stage as I adore all things Disney princesses. Her word for princess is also “Ariel” after her favorite mermaid princess turned human. A great side effect of this stage is that she’s working through her sensory adversion to having her hair handled just so she can have it accessorized.

I love watching her grow into herself. She becomes more amazing each day. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a dinosaur mermaid hybrid? (She even roared at her sister when she got close for good measure.)