Today we went to a sensory friendly film hosted by AMC Theaters. It is a great fit for us as there are no behavioral expectations, the room isn’t pitch black, and the sound isn’t overwhelmingly loud. E and A actually made it through the entirety of Finding Dory without breaking down. Overall it was a very pleasant experience.

Afterwards we walked through the mall to the bookstore. The girls enjoy this but the hustle of everyone around us can be overwhelming for E on busy days. So today we tried something new. We had brought noise cancelling ear protection for a friend’s son during the movie, and walking around the mall seemed like a perfect time to test them with E. They worked fantastically.

We made it through an entirely too long first half of the day with out a bit of tears from E. A was another story, but well I did disregard her nap time in order to go lipstick shopping. I’d say the day was quite successful. The girls rocked the movies, we found a great way to make public spaces more manageable for E, and I found a really promising new liquid matte lipstick. Win!

E playing with a trainset in a bookstore. She is wearing a black ear protection headset, diy sensory chew jewlery, and a flowery navy dress with pink.
E playing with a train set at Barnes and Noble