Some days life is just completely overwhelming. Lately it’s felt like there is so much on my to do list that I can’t figure out where to start. To overcompensate, I do nothing. Procrastination via avoidance of all things productive. It’s not a great habit and tends to result in me feeling worse before I surrender to my to do list. There is always that point that I’ll hit where I’m tired of feeling unaccomplished and lazy. Luckily I’ve recently gotten pat that point. 

The other day I actually made it to the by and ran. Today we checked out a ranch for riding lessons for E, found a dog at the shelter we think will be a fantastic fit, and enjoyed time outside with the girls. I even worked on some very behind drawings. It feels really great doing something creative without any pressure again. The Babywearing conference was really great, but preparing for it was a bit draining. And I wasn’t even all that involved. I can’t imagine how the vendors, presenters, and hosts feel. 

Fingers crossed my motivation continues far into the future. Some day I will figure out how to keep life balanced and avoid the crests in productivity I seem to always hit. If nothing else, hopefully it lasts till Casey returns in a few weeks. It’d be nice for him not to stumble into the disaster I’ve called a living space as of recent. 

A  leaning her face into a stream of water from the sprinkler
A loved playing in the sprinkler