You, my sweet girl, were driving me to a fury just moments ago. Now my heart aches with endless pools of love for you. 

That is thought that crosses my mind as I look upon the sleeping princess laying against me. An hour ago, I was exhausted and trying to convince E to sleep via willpower. She, in turn, opened up boxes and emptied their contents, tore down all the clothes hanging in the closets, and yanked at my hair in order to lift my skull all while yelling “Belle” at me so I’d put the Beauty and the Beast dress that she’s lived in for the past week back onto her for bed time. 

So an open letter to my strong willed princess:

You can be exhausting, and surely test every limit. Be it your physical prowess, my patience, or my mental and emotional strengths. Through it all you are amazing. You are strong and resilient. You are absolutely brilliant. Forever reaching goals and learning new things, you are empowered. You show me the limitless depths of love and joy. You are wonderful. 

Remember this E when I am at my weakest and don’t show you through action. Even when I yell or dismiss, I am always proud and forever thankful of the person you are now and will be. Always. 

E dressed in a Tiana from  princess and the frog gown while waiting for the school bus.
The princess frog goes to school
E playing with a doctor office maze. she is wearing a belle gown and red rainboots.
Tinkering with toys in the waiting room
E sleeping in her belle gown
the dozing princess