Some times parenting is hard. So hard that you forget how to be the type of parent you generally strive for. But that’s okay. There’s always the next time to do it right. Luckily kids are super forgiving. 

We just left a water park. The girls had a blast. Getting them into clean, dry clothes resulted in me praying that their naked butts were still in the changing room as they kept running off while I was half dressed. I already felt like all I’d done all afternoon is yell. Especially with watching a friend’s kids for 10 mins when one of them ran off and I had to collect the others before being able to go after said child. I didn’t have the patience to manage their energy and the judgmental looks from someone with a small, not so mobile child. Obviously it’s been a relaxing day. 

On the way out one of the girls saw the strategically placed icecream cart and sat on the wet ground in hops that her alligator tears would magic ice cream into her hands. It didn’t. Finally get her to the exit when she realizes the wet ground dampened her clothes. This of course resulted in her stripping down to her birthday suit in the exit. Strangely, it took me a good 5 minutes to realize, “hey I could switch which kid I have in a carrier and make this easier on everyone”. Before that lightbulb moment I just stared at her like her adversions to wet clothing was absurd. Great parenting moment there. 

We are finally in the car and both girls are napping. I’ve cycled through a whirlwind of emotions in all of 20 minutes and have settled on resigned. The next situation will be better. And if not, there is always tomorrow. Parenting isn’t one moment, it’s a collection of every moment over a lifetime. It is okay to run out of patience. It’s normal to not parent perfectly every time. It’s healthy to lose your cool sometimes. Maybe I’ll do better next time. Maybe not.