A short while ago I started working full time, outside the home. I am even happier than I imagined I’d be, affirming that this is the best choice for my family, especially my parent-child relationship with the girls. 

The privilege of staying home with E and A for five years is something I will likely look back on and cherish. While in the moment it could be difficult and overwhelming. I adore my children, but actively parenting them 24/7 is exhausting. Some flourish as stay-at-home parents. I am not one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a dedicated and good parent. And I will continue to be, just with more outside help and time apart. It is good for all of us, as I am a better parent by delegating their care during the day. 

These first weeks have been an adjustment for all of us. The kids’ emotions are on edge and they are a bit more clingy than usual. But these emotions are counteracted with their love of our caregiver and excited tales of all the things they did with her that day. Finding the right person to fit our family was stressful, yet it has also worked out wonderfully. We couldn’t have found a better person than we did. Fingers crossed she decides she loves the area and doesn’t move away. 

For now our home is filled with joy and uncertainty as the girls work to adjust to our new schedule. As they adjust, I’m going to sit here and soak in all the extra affection, along with the whining.