It is remarkable how hectic life can be at every stage. No matter if you work away from home full time, stay home full time, or any other variation, life has a way of staying busy. During those action packed moments, it’s difficult to take time to decompress and focus on yourself.

Self care is a concept many of my friends discuss regularly. Only, it’s generally to remind another friend of how important it is to give yourself space. We often forget to prioritize ourselves in this discussion. Honestly, who even has time for that? Yet self care is probably the most important thing we can do for our family, friends, and selves. When we don’t take the time to fortify ourselves, we can’t be there as fully for those around us. Quite frankly, we’re probably teetering on the edge of breaking.

Between solo parenting while the spouse is at sea, co-parenting when he’s home, taking classes, the dog, the house, work, volunteering, and a million other things that tend to crop up, I run on empty 98 percent of the time. At least the cat is easy on me. On those days when I remember to dedicate ten minutes to myself in some fashion, I relax a bit. Be it playing in the yard with the dog, working out, going to church, or singing loudly in the car, those increments of time improve the rest of the week.

Those moments are few and far between. And my accountability to myself is low. So if you’re like me, grab a friend and help each other stay on track with daily reminders to hide away for a short period to decompress. Oh and do remind me to do the same.