I am Jade. Stay-at-home parent to two wonderful, boundary testing children and wife to my awesome person. We also have a cat who hates people and the outside world, she’s a joy who sheds year round.

I advocate for many things: Social Justice, Gender Equality, Neurodiversity Acceptance, and safe carseat usage are some. I am a Center of Babywearing Studies certified Babywearing Educator and a Babywearing International accredited Master Babywearing Educator. Babywearing is a passion that I volunteer my free time to sharing with the rest of the world.

I love reading and believe fanfiction is just as enjoyable as proper books. Life is about learning through everything you do. Harry Potter is the representation of all things life, and The Doctor will save us from invasion. Lastly, Colorful lipstick will always make the day a bit brighter.

04101Photo by Michelle Lynn Photography