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Review: Kokoskaa Willow Jewel

Blend: 60% Cotton, 40% Tencel
Size: 3/4

Note: I’ve only had it 4 days but have dragged it everywhere since getting it. I did want to get a review out before the preorder closes tomorrow. 
Wearee Stats: 

4 yo, 38 lb, 42ish” and a 2 yo, 25 lb, 36ish” maybe. 

Both move all over, push against my back while wrapping and during wearing. Seat popping, leaning, and climbing out of carries is the game. Most carries end up looser then they ought to be. 

Carries used: Front reinforced torso sling carry, double Hammock sling carry, Elleville Jordan’s back carry tied at shoulder, rucksack

My first impression was, “this is gorgeous. Photos didn’t do it justice.” Willow reminds me of moving water and comes to life in a way photos can’t show. It is blankety to touch and is what I imagine when I think of blanket scarves. The texture is such that you just want to run your hands along it repetitively. Basically I just want to cuddle Willow on the couch. 
When it comes to wrapping, I prefer multilayered carries because my children are basically limit testing Houdini’s. Willow did really well with these parameters and both children. The texture added grip which held my sloppy passes in place. But the texture didn’t make getting multilayered carries in place difficult. There’s a good glide-grip ratio. 

When we ruck, the top edge tends to be loose and the kids lean as far back as they can. This is probably not the norm for most people. With these circumstances, I prefer dense wraps typically for a rucksack. This continued to be true with Willow and my preschooler. It was okay for short periods, but I would choose the sweetheart weave for longer trips. The blanket like wrap did hold my toddler in place comfortably though. Considering the toddler is my main wrappee, I would be content with Willow in a shorter size for single layered carries. Plus in a traditional sling carry, I know that knot isn’t budging. I would go with a longer size and/or multilayered carries for a larger child. 


Soft, blanket like, textured, grip, great for multilayered carries, good in single layer but preferred with younger toddler and below. 
ETA: Monika informed me the tester is a tencel blend and not 100% cotton. I bet all cotton would rock with the preschooler and be a bit grippier. 

Kokoskaa Royal Quill Maple

Royal Quill Maple was among the first tencel blend royal quills released by Kokoskaa. It predates royal quill Jade. This review is from summer 2015.

Blend: 55% Cotton, 45% Tencel

This past week I’ve had this pretty tester hanging around. This is a new budget blend from Kokoskaa. I’m very happy with the way this blend wraps so far.

I’m wrapping a 4 month 15lber and a 2.5 yr old 30 lber. And I used a fwcc, ruck, tandem ruck, and a double hammock.

This wrap rocks in a FWCC. It is also very supportive in a ruck and easy to wrap in a DH. The passes slide smoothly into place. You would think think the pattern would add a ton of texture and grip but it is actually quite subtle. It’s supportive and comfortable on the shoulders. There is some stretch which helps to get a tight wrap job without adjusting for days. Once baby is wrapped, she stays in place without sagging.

By feel and looks, you can tell its a different fiber blend. The tencel has a kind of cool matte sheen, if that makes any sense. Overall it seems like a solid budget option. You’ll get the looks and great wrapping qualities in a light mid-weight wrap.

This will be a great option for those getting into wearing as it’s easy to wrap with. It provides strength and comfort while still being soft to touch. I also think it will be a good breathable summer time option.
TL;DR smooth glide, supportive, solid, some stretch, easy to wrap with.

Kokoskaa Brave

100% cotton

Red, White, and Blue

276 GSM post wash and wear
This tester is the first wrap from Kokoskaa’s newest budget line. All wraps in this line are priced under $100. What is great about this wrap is it provides excellent quality for an economically considerate price.

As for the wrap, I tested a size 7 with my 20 lb 11 month old and my 32 lb 3 year old using standard carries such as a FWCC, Ruck, and a DH.

The first thing to jump out at me is how smooth in hand the wrap feels. When wrapping, that translates to great glide. Yet there is also enough grip that you need not worry about it being slippery. Once in place, Brave is quite solid and supportive.

It’s a flatter weave so isn’t cushy. But it is also a thicker medium wrap and doesn’t wrap flat either. I know, I make perfect sense. It doesn’t seem pull prone and fixing any pulls would be a breeze. That’s a must for me with a beater wrap, which Brave would serve perfectly as.

It comes stiff in the bag and will take some work breaking in. After a couple weeks of mild wear, Brave is already starting to reveal its soft potential. Once softened, and with its easy to wrap with-ness, this wrap will be great with even the small babies.

This wrap is a great option for anyone looking for a one and done wrap or an inexpensive beater/loaner. It will provide excellent support through toddlerhood and not only withstand, but benefit from frequent wear. It’s an easy to care for blend that you can drag through the dirt then throw in the wash without a second thought. Overall, it’s a great investment and more than worth the cost.
TL;DR: strong, smooth, glides, touch of grip, great beater, great for toddlers, needs some breaking in, great price point, classic looks

Kokoskaa Hope

100% Cotton

3 yo (35 lbs) and an 18 m old (21lb)

Carries tried:FWCC, Ruck, Ruck TT, DH, Ring Sling

Hope has been staying here in different forms for a few weeks now. I’ve used it with both children on various occasions, the longest being a 2+ hr shop run with the little in a DH. Hope is fantastic in single or multilayers. It is thinner and glides with ease making multi layered carries beginner friendly. It also still offers the support of the first budget grad release, Brave, without the bulk. This translates well to a ring sling, supportive yet light and easy to adjust through the rings. Its a flat textured standard cotton (neither soapy or dry) that lays on the shoulders without digging. The width is enough with a preschooler without being overwhelming with the baby. It breaks in quickly.

The most defining adjective for this wrap is “easy”, easy to wrap with, easy care, easy to learn with since there are different colored rails, and easy to depend on for various situations.

TLDR: Glide, flat, beginner friendly, thinner, no dig, solid, softens quickly.

This is not for you if you want a cushy, bounce, thick, or textured wrap.

Kokoskaa Daydream Summer Nights

From quite awhile ago. Summer nights now lives here permanently. It’s broken in wonderfully. 

Size 6, 100% Cotton

I’ve been using this carrier exclusively for 2 weeks now. That’s a rarity around here. Yet somehow I never got bored of this pretty. It glows in the sunlight and the colors are neutral enough that it goes well with most of my wardrobe while still standing out. 

Little sister to the original daydream pattern, the wrapping qualities are similar yet still different. The grip is still a prominent feature. It’s not difficult to wrap with yet it will lock in place once set. There is just enough stretch to get a neat chest pass. It is a dense, tight weave, but the smaller daydream cotton blend feels thinner in hand than the larger one. There is no need to baby this wrap. It offers solid support and did not dig even when tandeming 50 lbs of child in a Ruck Tied Tibetan. A torso carry with a 20 lb 8 m old stayed locked in place throughout a park excursion. No matter which carry I tried with this wrap, from a FWCC to a simple ruck and plenty in between, I was always comfortable and pleased. 

This is really a perfect summer wrap. It can take you to the park or beach without needing to treat it delicately. It can handle the 30lb toddler and the bowling ball baby with ease. Give it a shot, you’ll be happy you did. 

TL;DR – grip, dense, thin in hand, good beater, rock solid, no dig, locks in place without being difficult to tighten. 

Toto Wraps Kikoy Tigoni

Publishing past reviews. This was completed around Christmas 2014:

The past couple of weeks I got to try out a Toto wrap, a brand Marsupial Mamas recently started carrying. I primarily wrap a 12 lb, 2 month old, but my 27 lb, 2 year old also enjoys going up. We used this wrap in a FWCC, FCC, FDH, Kangaroo, Ruck, and DH. 
As for wrapping qualities, passes glide easily. It is on the thinner side of medium-thin, light weave that isn’t dense nor too loose and very smooth without being slick. It’s the kind of wrap you can beat up without concern, easy to wash and capable of being casually tossed around. It softens up quickly with wear. 

With the newborn the wrap was solid, supportive, and easy on the shoulders. Wrapping was an ease with the smooth gliding. The rails would dig a bit in a ruck after an hour or two, folding the ruck straps would help with that. 

The toddler also went up a few times. It was surprisingly more supportive than expected. In a FWCC she stayed put. In a DH, she was supported well and the chest pass helped displace any pressure points on the shoulders. It is very easy to get a tight, spread chest pass with this wrap. In a ruck, it got a bit diggy but that was helped with folding the straps over gathering. That said, I wouldn’t suggest it as a long trip ruck wrap as she would start to sag a small amount (not a worrisome amount just enough to be uncomfortable). However, this wrap would be best in longer sizes with that age so rucking probably won’t be the top choice for long term carries anyway. 

 This is a great budget option. It makes a sturdy beater and can be used from newborns to older children, especially if the wrap is longer. I wouldn’t suggest single layered carries with heavier babies. Overall I was quite impressed. 


Passes glide, smooth texture, medium-thin, supportive, can be diggy when shoulder passes are bunched, easy to wrap with, budget friendly, quality beater. 

Wrap sold via Marsupial Mamas

Kokoskaa Daydream Pyrope

This wrap has lived here since winter 2014 and is still a favorite of the household. The daydream pattern is a sunflower, as that is frequently asked about.  

100% Cotton

Size: 4, 3.98 m

Prewash: 288 gsm

Post wash 315 gsm

prewash, post wash, post iron

At the thicker end of the weight spectrum, you’d expect it to be beastly in hand. Oddly, it feels rather medium. The pattern gives good texture and grip while still being smooth so pulls aren’t a major concern. Passes don’t glide like a knife through butter, but it doesn’t require too much effort. 

I primarily wrap a 2.5 month old who is easy to wrap. We did a FTFR, FWCC Tub, and Kangaroo on various occasions. After some breaking in, it’s easy to get the passes tight and the grip keeps them that way. There is a good amount of stretch. Not as much as the hemp blend nexus or fully broken in Royal quill, but much more than the cotton nexus. The stretch reminds me of Pavo Granite zebra although it’s been awhile since that’s been here. Overall, it kept baby put and lends itself to a close carry. 

I also carried my 30 lb wiggly toddler on two occasions. Once on a 3 mile hike using a knotless DRS2S and once on a 45 min shopping trip in a simple ruck. During the hiking trip, the first wrap job was sloppy and loose. I rewrapped after 20 mins. But in that time the toddler was well supported. It was my first major active outing at 2.5 m postpartum so I certainly noticed her. Especially since it was a carry where all weight is on the shoulders. Also this carry tends to dig where the knots are on the chest with thicker wraps. So this wasn’t a favorite carry with this wrap. After I rewrapped, the carry was definitely more comfortable. It also withstood a 10 min tantrum on my back. The texture of the wrap was a definite win with the wiggly toddler. On the shopping trip we put the wrap to the test with a ruck. It was very supportive and nice on the shoulders. It was 30 mins before I felt any discomfort. After the toddler quit bouncing around and settled back in, the discomfort went away. It wasn’t the tightest of rucks as E loves to be arms out and lean back. Yet the carry was perfectly comfortable. And I could even forget about the 30 lb on my back for awhile. I usually only get that with beastly thick wraps like pavo Etini or Bebe Sachi khadi. Overall, it was excellent with the toddler. Easy enough to wrap with and comfortable in a quick ruck which is exactly what I need with my always busy toddler. 

I am quite impressed with this wrap. It’s comfortable, nicely textured, and offers a good amount of stretch. It can support a 30 lb toddler with ease in a single layered carry without causing discomfort. Knots at the chest may cause discomfort due to the thickness so it may be better to avoid those carries. 

Best of all is the looks. The darker warp makes it an easy wrap to drag around in the woods or parking lot. The contrasting red weft is just striking. Yep, appearances wise, it was love at first “oh!”


Heavy weight but medium thickness, textured but smooth weave, solid, grip, supportive, good stretch, rocks a ruck with a toddler. Great for all age ranges, suggested for intermediate and up wrappers. And rather gorgeous. 

Review: Joy and Joe Fluffy Shades of Feathers

A friend was traveling this Joy and Joe ring sling around locally for testing ages ago. I am finally remembering to write the review I promised.
I’m not big on feathers, so it was quite surprising how impressive the pattern was in person. The weave is dimensional rather than flat. This gives the wrap a defined texture. You can feel where each feather starts by just touch. For me, texture is a must in a good ring sling. It prevents slippage through the rings when A is less than compliant. It’s a looser weave that could possibly be prone to pulls. But the airy weave is backed by a medium thickness, providing plenty of support and softness. I only tried this ring sling with A when she was about 14 months and 20 lbs. E was in an anti-uppies kick. It was very comfortable with A. The thickness results in a padded-like shoulder. This along with the weave results in a comfortable and supportive ring sling that is still breathable. This would be a great option for the new baby to two year old range. 

Side note: the packaging is lovely. 



Kokoskaa Secese Sirius

Cotton/tencel blend 

This wrap is close in wrapping qualities to it’s all cotton sister, but it shines in new ways. The first thing that comes to mind is bounce for days. It is of medium thickness yet light feeling in hand. Memory foam like on the shoulders, it molds easily into chest passes. Soft and floppy, tencel Secese would be great with a squish and effortlessly supports a larger child. The comfort continued throughout lengthy outings with the younger child and hoppy, bouncing neighborhood walks with the older one. Kokoskaa’s tencel blend is a must try. Combined with the Secese weave, it’s a classic, any occasion and any age wrap. 

I wear a 35lb 3.5 YO and a 23 lb 1.5 YO. We tried a variety of carries with each including a fwcc, DH, ruck, ruck TT, and ellevill JBC. 


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